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Tango World Championship basics

The Argentine Tango World Championship ('Campeonato Mundial de Tango' in Spanish) is held once a year, every August in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
There, in the birthplace of Tango, more than 350 couples gather every year to compete in a race to become the next World Champions in Argentine Tango. The competition is open to any couple who wish to join, whether they are amateur dancers or professionals.


Championship structure

The Championship consists of two categories, those being "Tango Escenario" (Stage Tango) and "Tango Salón" (dance-salon Tango). Each category starts with a preliminary round, which is followed by a semifinal and a grand final.

The best couples from each round are promoted to the next one, culminating with the winners of each final who are named World Champions of Argentine Tango in their respective category.


DVD Content

Our DVDs contain the choreographies of all couples that participated in the final of each year, in the Stage Tango category, apart from the 2006 disc which is simply a compilation of various performances without any specific timeline or awards ceremony footage.

In addition, the 2009 production will contain the "Tango Salón" final, offering our viewers for the first time a taste of what true dance-salon Tango is all about!

Carlos & Diana win the 2006 World Championship Fernando Gracia & Natalia Tonelli Attori, World Champions in Tango Escenario (Stage Tango) 2007 Jose Fernandez & Melody Giselle Celatti, World Champions in Stage Tango for 2008